Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gowns Gone Wild


Shelley teaches you how to pose like a bridal model.

The idea of two dresses for your wedding day is SO appealing...but you fell in love with the look of your wedding dress so how do you part with it for the reception!?!?

SOLUTION:  You find a reception dress that is just like your wedding gown!  Easy.

Presto Change-o

For our first example I bring you this Alfred Angelo gown from the Disney Princess collection!

It's uber feminine with tulle and flowers!  Sweet and simply girly all the way around.  The entire skirt is detailed with these beautiful appliques that bring dimension to the skirt.


And there is a pretty bow that ties in the back for that extra little bit of Princess...

So WHY IN THE WORLD you ever change out of this dress for your reception? might consider it if the reception gown looks like THIS:


It's like a miniature version!  So cute!! AND you have room for dancing!  Similar bodices:

Bodice #1:

Bodice #2:

Super similar, equally pretty, and BAM easy dancing.

Get some extra sparkly shoes, and you're ready for the party to start...and holy crap I have another surprise.
So while we're sitting there taking photos Shelley says, "Oh!  This would be so cute with a colored slip underneath because you can see it when you sit down!".  Oh Lord, it's so good.

Insert fuchsia petticoat!!


Our next is a more couture gown that I think is FABULOUS for a modern summer wedding.

A taffeta bodice and organza skirt is layered and accented with taffeta edging.   It's a beautifully modern gown that makes your waist look TEENY.

There are the sweetest buttons the the back of this low back!  I love low backs.  And the tiers are slightly a-symmetrical which is what gives it that couture feel.  A short sweep train that barely trails behind is less drama and more fun :)

So why would you change out of this head turner??  Because I have this little number to stop the show...

HOT!! And SUUUPER cute!!  Image this with a colorful shoe!  The short skirt mimics the full gown!  I love how breezy and effortlessly pretty this is...just like the full dress.  It's simplistically modern and clean.

"Hello, my name is Perfect."


Our third and final example is my absolute FAVORITE.  I am literally IN LOVE with both of these dresses. Like, if I had to get married this winter, THESE are the dresses that I would wear.  I'm not even kidding.
This is a brand new gown for us from Kathy Ireland by Mon Cheri.

GAH!! I FREAKING LOVE IT!!  We added this great belt to up the ante a bit.  It's a taffeta gown that is tightly fitted to the thigh where it flows simply and elegantly.  All of the detail of this gown is int he fabric which is great because you're not adding anything ON TOP of the's all part of it.  So then it's totally up to you if you want to add anything to the gown to personalize it on your day.

Check out how it shows off those curves. LOOOOOVEEE ITTTT.  The side of the skirt pulls up at a slight angle to allow the fabric to flow down to the train.

See how it hugs all your curves?!  Shows the assets. ;)  

Again,  why would you change out of this dress??  It's perfect?!?  I mean I LOVE this dress, I just don't want to take it off.  Except then I saw THIS...


SHABAM!  Short and sweet!!  Same belt, same neckline, same pulling and wrapping of the fabric around the body...exceeeept...sassy sexy legs showing!  I cannot stop loving this.  And again, to make it uniquely you change the accessories because the beautiful detailing is still here in this dress!

No joke.  I would buy this RIGHT NOW if I was getting married this winter.

Let's talk more about changing:

So, WHEN do you change the dress??  Directly after the ceremony?  When you get to the reception?
Answer: it's totally up to you.  Here is how I personally would do it:

I would wear my full gown for all of the wedding prep photos, all pre-ceremony photos, the entire ceremony (duh), all of the post-ceremony photos with family, friends, and my new husband.  I would wear it through the grand entrance and first dance at the reception, the toasts, and through the initial photos of the reception.  

AND THEN, I would slip away quick like a bunny to change in to my SLAMMIN' party dress!!  So then the rest of dinner, the cake cutting, the garter toss, AND the dancing are all in a a manageable gown.  Yes.  I can just SEE the super cute photos now!  Also: Shelley and I just agreed that the garter toss with a little dress would be way hot. True facts.

I will leave you with that and also with a small tidbit of info:  Two of these reception gowns are under $300!!  Jus' sayin'.  So You can TOTALLY have two gowns for under $1400.  YES.  That's what's up.  DREAMS SO COME TRUE!!!

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