Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Say Hello to Kitty Chen!

IT'S ALMOST 2012!!!  I hope you all had a LOVELY Christmas and that you're planning for your New Year's Eve to be amazing!

SO the countdown has begun and we are getting ready for the Kitty Chen Couture trunk show January 20-21!!  We are honored to have Kitty herself in our store to help style'll fall in love with her just as much as you fall for her gowns :)

In preparation I thought I would like to showcase some of her gowns for you!  Allow me to begin with...

 Lace.  Just.  Lace.  Give in to it.

 This trumpet gown is lace and tulle, scoop neck line, and a zip closure lined with buttons!  And it's lace WITHOUT any sparkles or beads!  JUST LACE.  Like 75 of you have asked for JUST LACE in the past 2 weeks. :)  WE DELIVER. (not like pizza.)

 "My name is Claire and it just so happens that I am effortlessly beautiful in this gorgeous gown by Kitty Chen.  I think that if I wasn't working at Camarillo Bridal I would probably just be a bridal model." - not Claire's actual words.


 Oh yeah. BTW a lace edged waltz length veil wouldn't hurt. And yes I would like to see this train sweep down the aisle this lovely veil accenting the lace.


Moving on...

 The rosette dress!!  Yay!  I lovelovelove the scoop neck, especially on Claire.  Normally I love sweetheart but this is really nice!  I think it's the rouching.  Yes.  It's the rouching.
Stats: tafetta, taffeta, and taffeta!  Trumpet silhouette, scoop neck, flower detailing as the waist, and a whole bunch of rosettes spilling out the front!

 For the record, Claire is not an over-dramatic bridal model, I just manage to capture her at the perfect most diva moments.


 Aw. Isn't she sweet?  Ok, see what I did there?  I focused on the skirt and her face is soft.  I'm artistic.

 Extreme angle showing interesting detail and making me look like I'm cool.

 And while I realize that not every one wants large rosettes on their gown, is there any one who doesn't want to at least look at them on some one ELSE'S gown!?  I think not.

I know.  She's so cute you just want to hug her and start a nasty rumor about her.

And now for making her first appearance in a Kitty Chen is...

Renee is one of my favorite people in the world.  Renee should be one of everyone's favorite people in the world.

 Ok.  Let's get down to business.  This is another beautiful lace gown on tulle.  This is a full skirt (as you can see) and we tried it with this extra full petticoat to see the effect.  Beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL lace sleeve with that gorgeous "Kate Middleton" neckline!  This is just a truly elegant gown.

 LACE!! (and a little Don lovin'.)

 Ultimate Bridal Pose.  Pretty lady :)

 Oh.  And did I mention the "Kate" tiara?  No. So I will now.  This is the "Kate" tiara!  It is modeled after the tiara that Queen Elizabeth loaned to Kate for the royal wedding!  The tiara was given to Elizabeth's mother (also Elizabeth) by King George the IV and then was gifted to the current Elizabeth for her 18th birthday.  Little did you know that you would get a history lesson when you read the blog today.

Things are about to get intense, guys.  Because...

BAM!! The sleeves come off and it's a strapless gown!! TA-DA!!  Love it!

 And now Renee is showing you how to do one of those redonk poses that only a bridal model can do.  Thank you Renee for this visual aide.  (not like in school.)

*Angel's singing in the background* 

 Yeah, that whole train is topped with little buttons.  Kitty Chen is on the button express and I'm ok with it.

Over the next few weeks I'll be introducing more of these gowns to you!  I'm excited to show you the news ones as they come and then I really can't wait to show you pictures of when Kitty is here!  (Her name is Kitty.  That's cute.)

So thank you Renee and Claire!  You're lovely and it's always nice to photograph you!


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  1. Your writing is hilarious! Happy New Year!